Why Lyceum?

You need to see measurable bottom-line benefits from your data and investment in analytics – we make sure every investment results in ultimate business value.


Our Principles

Partners in Benefit Realization

Lyceum has developed the Codex method with the goal of helping clients realize measurable benefits from data management and analytics.

The Hard Work - Thinking

Lyceum has developed the role of the Analytics Curator and will quickly assimilate to your business model so we can help lead and influence the effectiveness of your analytical thinking.

Stakeholder Management

All our team members are professional consultants who  quickly build partnerships with stakeholders across the enterprise and broker alignment and support for our methods.

Time to Value

We deliver immediate value while laying a foundation of reusable building blocks to give you the capability to engage in highly sophisticated and strategic analytical activities.

Building Your Capability

We are committed to building your organizational capability with our methods and frameworks and will help mentor your resources to make you self-sufficient and highly productive.

Focus on Efficiency

We’re all about fostering a new resourcefulness that leverages the most accessible and pertinent low-commitment technologies, using the right methods with a focus on business results.

We have created the Codex Method which will align and mobilize the analytical forces across your enterprise.

The Codex method is a tightly integrated and comprehensive set of frameworks that implement the disciplines of Product Management, Asset Management for Data, Investment and Opportunity Management, Organization Strategy, and a progressive data architecture.  These components implement a healthy tension between rapid and result-oriented innovation and sustainable product development.

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More to Know

TDWI München 2020

Paul Flach has been invited to present a half-day session this June at the TDWI München 2020 conference in Germany. His presentation is entitled "Codex - Product Management Method for Analytics".  For more information on this conference -...

TDWI Executive Summit in Miami

Thank you to all the attendees at the TDWI Executive Summit held this past November in Miami.  Please contact me for a pdf copy of my presentation on the "Codex Method - Value from Analytics".

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