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Lyceum has been helping clients build innovative cultures and analytical capabilities for over 25 years.


Organizations as Complex Systems

Lyceum has been evolving their ACoE body of knowledge based on “Emergence and Complexity Theory” research published by the Harvard Business Review.  This theory has shaped Lyceum’s progressive approach to organization strategies which foster self-organizing behaviours through smart structures and progressive leadership styles

In self-organizing systems, order comes from the actions of interdependent agents who:

  • exchange information;
  • take actions; and
  • continuously adapt to feedback about others’ actions.


Leadership for Innovation

From a complexity view, leaders do not direct change or control future outcomes, as traditional leadership research suggests.

If leaders cannot envision and predict the future state of a system, if they do not direct change in complex systems because it emerges from the interactions among people throughout the system, what, then, do leaders do?


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Thank you to all the attendees at the TDWI Executive Summit held this past November in Miami.  Please contact me for a pdf copy of my presentation on the "Codex Method - Value from Analytics".

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