Your Cloud Migration Platform



per year

Up to 20 applications*

Unlimited Users



per year

Up to 60 applications*

Unlimited Users



per year

Up to 250 applications*

Unlimited Users


Included Features

Web Application Technology Detection

Database and Storage capacity measurement

Source Code Cloud Readiness Analysis

Database Migration Analysis

Application Dependency Mapping

Migration Planner

Hypervisor Integration (VMWare, HyperV)

Excel Import/Export

Customizable Dashboards

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Assessment - Report Generation

Custom Fields

Tag based searching and grouping


Team Collaboration

Slack Notifications

DNS Tools

SSO (OAuth & SAMLv2), Azure AD

* Migration platforms are priced per business application equivalent. Statistics show the average number of business apps per organization varies from 10 to 200+, from small IT departments to large ones. Each application is assumed to be made up of a number of software components, virtual and physical servers and a single database. To calculate the number of business applications across a fleet of servers we use a ratio of 1:3. That is, absent of good application portfolio data, we estimate that for every 3 servers (operating system instances) you have 1 business application. Similarly, we estimate that each application has a maximum of one database instance. These ratios are calculated across your portfolio and serve to prevent abuse. For example, if you are on Small package, with a maximum of 20 applications, you can track up to 60 servers alongside your applications.


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