Investment Management

Analytics requires a highly dynamic investment management process. To enable more innovative and agile analytical cultures you need a collaborative investment management system that ensures that your team knows the right things to do.


Do It Right and More Importantly, Do the Right Things

Lyceum’s Codex method has developed a collaborative and dynamic method that combines program management and investment management concepts into what is called Opportunity Management (OM).  This method enables an Agile approach to Program Management and fosters a self-directed development culture.

The Opportunity Management system also enables a highly Agile development method specifically designed for analytics which we call the Perpetual Development Method for Analytics (PDMA)

Ensure Alignment with Corporate Goals

A Weighted Prioritization Engine

Full Transparency in Decision-Making

Task-based Prioritization

Enables Agile Development Methods


Rapid Development Pipelines

Unlike traditional PMO processes which prioritize projects in a legacy mode, analytics requires a much more dynamic prioritization process. Our whole philosophy is not to look at analytics as a serious of systems and solutions but as a much more result-oriented disicpline for solving problems.  This means being more result-oriented about investing in low commitment technologies, the right analytical techniques and the right data.


Innovation and problem-solving happens at the speed of thought and analytical development pipelines must be able to rapidly progress these opportunities through a flexible development pipeline.


More To Know

TDWI München 2020

Paul Flach has been invited to present a half-day session this June at the TDWI München 2020 conference in Germany. His presentation is entitled "Codex - Product Management Method for Analytics".  For more information on this conference -...

TDWI Executive Summit in Miami

Thank you to all the attendees at the TDWI Executive Summit held this past November in Miami.  Please contact me for a pdf copy of my presentation on the "Codex Method - Value from Analytics".

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