Asset-based Data Management

Turn your raw data into assets which are durable, purposed, extendable, shareable, trusted and measured in value.


Asset-based Approach to Data Management

The dynamics of analytics and changing business needs require a more flexible and responsive data management system that can evolve and grow rapidly, be extended to incorporate more types of data, enable more precise security and privacy functions, ensure higher quality management, and enable improved exchange of information.

We have developed a new architecture which combines the rigour of MDM as the core structure integrated with a late-binding structure of purposed data assets.

We build these architectures using the low-commitment (open source) technology of your choice – there is no need to invest in multi-year / multi-million dollar technology contracts.

A more responsive approach to supporting clients with meaningful data

Provide meaningful data ready for any analytical platform

Breaks the privacy and security paralysis by enabling a more focused and granular approach to security management

Allows for the effective curation of assets to manage the application and liability associated with data

Supports IOT by providing message focused packages of data


Anatomy of an Asset

An asset is a manageable sized collection of data which has been assembled and curated with a succinct purpose in mind. True to its promise of being an asset, all knowledge and realized benefit is curated and included within the packaging of an asset.


More To Know

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