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We align and rapidly mobilize the overlapping pockets of data management and analytics across large complex enterprises.


Imagine the Finite, Instead of the Endless Possibilities

Yes, everyone is doing it – but, can you justify having your enterprise engage in endless, misdirected, self-serve analytics with no method or measurable outcomes? Are you confident that your organization has a good understanding of what problems they need to solve and have the analytical skills to methodically solve these business problems?

Your analytical needs are indeed finite and we can help you articulate and organize your business problems to prescribe a methodical analytical path towards realizing the measurable bottom-line benefits that analytics can provide. The most cost-effective, efficient way to do analytics!

Analytical Blueprint

Align Enterprise Activities

Create Portfolios

Define Your Analytical Products

Mobilize Your Enterprise


The Product Blueprint

Taking a methodical approach to delivering on all your analytical needs requires a holistic view of where information is required across your business model. You blueprint of information products starts with a mapping of all your information needs and how they affect each other. This mapping can be interrogated to drive out a comprehensive inventory of business problems.


We help you articulate your business problems

Let us kick-start your analytics program with an inventory of known problem statements, standardized data assets and analytical playbooks for your industry.  We have developed a robust inventory of accelerators for the Healthcare and Commercial Transportation industries.


More to Know

TDWI München 2020

Paul Flach has been invited to present a half-day session this June at the TDWI München 2020 conference in Germany. His presentation is entitled "Codex - Product Management Method for Analytics".  For more information on this conference -...

TDWI Executive Summit in Miami

Thank you to all the attendees at the TDWI Executive Summit held this past November in Miami.  Please contact me for a pdf copy of my presentation on the "Codex Method - Value from Analytics".

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