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Focused on Measurable Value

The data management and analytics industry is fully prepared to sell technologies, best practices and analytical know-how.  We partner with you to do the hard work – methodical thinking.

When was the last time your systems integrator committed to helping you get measurable business value from your data and analytics?

Design Thinking

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The Codex method provides a playbook framework for methodically solving business problems while managing and publishing all the knowledge gained throughout the process.

Cloud Migration

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Following a layered-approach to discovery, our commercial platform empowers you with data and analytics to make data-driven planning and design decisions for your cloud journey.


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We have been providing thought leadership by conducting research, developing best practices and teaching at industry conferences such as TDWI and DAMA for over 15 years.

Product Management for Analytics

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Rapid delivery of data and analytics. We have developed new methods to support our principles of benefit realization, low commitment technologies, perpetual delivery, and analytical thinking! 

Asset Management for Data

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A progressive method for turning your raw data into assets which are durable, purposed, extendable, shareable, trusted and measured in value. An architecture that manages data as an asset.

Investment Management

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Lyceum’s Codex method has developed a collaborative and dynamic method that combines Program Management and Investment Management concepts for decentralized decision-making.

True partners have common goals and share in the accountability for arriving at measurable bottom-line benefits. We want to dramatically reduce your investment in technology and help you realize the business benefit that makes analytics worthwhile.

Our clients have data management and analytical capabilities spread out across their organizations.  We have the organizational skills and methods for brokering the alignment of capabilities,  accountabilities and initiatives across your enterprise.

We have have been building structured business knowledge within multiple industries.  Let us work with you to articulate your business problems and opportunities for using data to achieve business value.

We start with the problem and build the most effective  and resourceful playbooks to solve those problems.  This means choosing the right technical solution for the right purpose.

Align your enterprise

Partners in benefit realization.

Mobilize for rapid delivery

Methodical analytical thinking

Building IT and business partnerships


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